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Personalized training

Training software built for physicians

Unlike most learning software built to accommodate a wide range of learners, our LMS was built by and for physicians, and used in over 1000 hospitals and clinics throughout North America.
Who are we

The ONLY LMS built for physicians!

Training platform for doctors

Our focus the last 10 years was to maximize learning for doctors, and other healthcare professionals. In doing so, we embedded tools to leverage relevant data right off the shelf!

Why is personalization important?

Saves Time

Personalizing the curriculum for each learner, cut out non-relevant content that is most likely to be forgotten, and waste time.

Boosts Attention

Attention is a prerequisite to knowledge retention.  For busy adult learners, relevance is the most powerful driver of attention during learning.

Maximize Performance

High-yield personalized training not only saves time, it boosts learning and maximizes individual and group performance

How it works

Meet your needs

We can take on as much or as little as you like; from full curriculum and content development for the largest health system in Canada, to curriculum guidance and software support for the 5th largest non-profit health system in the US, we have the expertise to meet your needs!

Measure Value

Training requires measurement, and our team will help you measure the full spectrum of learning, from satisfaction, to knowledge retention, behavior change and ultimately performance improvement.

How it works
Michael Gilbert MD
Medical Director, St Joseph Heritage Medical Group

"This tool will become incredibly useful"


Leadership Team

Andres Jimenez MD MSEd MBA MS

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Gary DeJarnett

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Julio Solis

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