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Rapid Healthcare Software Solutions

Less time, less costs, more secure!


We have a highly experienced, and credentialed healthcare software development team, including a board-certified clinical informaticist that will be at your disposal to help design and build better the optimal solution from the start 


By leveraging our platform built to support revenue cycle solutions and behavior change, we help clients deploy custom technology enablement solutions in 1/3rd of the time and costs. We also include a buy-out option for the underlying framework.

Latin American Dev

Our Latin American development team is highly skilled, with excellent English skills, and operates in the same Time Zones as the US, allowing us to pass along cost savings to clients, without sacrificing effectiveness and security.

Over a decade focused on healthcare software

Over the last decade, we developed software and curriculums impacting over 1/3rd of all US physicians, and used in over 2,000 hospitals and clinics.

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We are proud of what customers have to say!


Dr. Dan Gebremedhin


I like the ImplementHIT approach to action-oriented, bite size learning. It opens the door to on-demand, just in time training, which is ultimately more valuable.


Dr. Richard Garcia

Medical Director

ImplementHIT has the right approach to physician education...engaging physicians on their terms is always the most effective strategy.


Christian Lising MD

Medical Director

Medicine is hard enough, if we can marry a technology that makes the job easier, that gets us home sooner, and makes our lives better, so much the better!


Dr. Eric Quinones

VP Medical Affairs

There is no other clinician training solution out there that comes remotely near IHIT.  IHIT saves time and money…neither one of these can be wasted in healthcare.

Leadership Team


Andres Jimenez MD MSEd MBA MS

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Gary DeJarnett

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Julio Solis

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SVP Development

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(888) 457-3332





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PO Box 29502 #32025

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