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How well does physician training support strategy and goals?

Improve physician satisfaction, on-the-job performance and organizational performance

For most healthcare organizations, a significant opportunity is left on the table...

In a recent Brandon Hall Group survey of large organizations, 14% did not have a learning and development strategy, and for those that had one, 62% said that its effectiveness at meeting business goals are either somewhat effective (54%) or not at all effective (8%;

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How do we define great training?

Strategy and Maturation

Mature learning and development training strategies focus on improved engagement, individual and organizational performance. Additional benefits include the reduction of competency gaps and time to achieve competency.

Evaluation is Key

Comprehensive evaluation is the cornerstone of great training, and although many see evaluation as a final step in training development it should guide the ongoing adjustment of the course, and your organization’s overall learning and development strategy. 

How can evaluation help?

"Many healthcare organizations are losing out on the opportunity to leverage physician training, as a "secret weapon" to maximize value and performance"

Andres Jimenez MD MSEd MBA MS - CEO, ImplementHIT

WHITE PAPER: Evaluating Physician Training

Improve physician satisfaction, on-the-job performance, and organizational performance.

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30-Day Evaluation by Dr. Jimenez

A practicing physician, Dr. Jimenez has supported physician training at some of the largest and most innovative healthcare organizations in the country, impacting > 1/3rd of all US Physicians


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