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Largest digital health deal ever...$5B

There was Blackstone Capital partners acquisition of Emdeon for $3B, Internet Brand's acquisition of WebMD for $2.8B, and Roche's acquisition of Flatiron for $1.9B. Moving into a definitive agreement is Elliott Management to buy Athenahealth for $5.5B, which is around $135 per share. Just 6 months ago, Athena rejected their bid at $160 per share, and here we are today. The EHR market is just too saturated, with earnings slowing down, and so much heat about EHRs contributing to physician burnout. Still at $135 a share, it becomes the largest digital health (Health IT) deal ever, and with the investments into analytics and telehealth over the past 2 years, I won't be surprised if that title is short lived.

For more digital health M&A news, visit Mercon's digital health M&A tracker:

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