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I am thrilled to be working with old classmates from business school, to join the fight against COVID-19 the best way I know how, medical software! is an extension of existing software developed over the past year to adapt our training and behavior change work from the past decade. Since the start of ImplementHIT in 2009, we built software to aid physicians by delivering increasingly personalized training that was respectful of their limited time by focusing training to what each doctor needs to know most. To do this, we used data on quality, patient satisfaction, EHR use, clinical documentation audits, to not only deliver personalized learning, but to produce cumulative gains in organizational performance. Today we are using a similar approach to impact patients, where ideal performance results in prevention of chronic and infectious disease. Here is more information from our recent press release about our initiative.

#covid #sarscov2 #pandemic #medicalvolunteer

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