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Its been a busy 10 years!

Over the last decade, we developed training curriculums impacting over 1/3rd of all US physicians, and physicians in over 1,000 hospitals and clinics have used our training software.


We are pleased with our client feedback

"Medicine is hard enough, if we can marry a technology that makes the job easier, that gets us home sooner, and makes our lives better, so much the better!"



Physician Testimonials


“ImplementHIT has the right approach to physician education. Focused learning in small bites works because the physician is in control of when learning happens...engaging physicians on their terms is always the most effective strategy.”


Rich Garcia MD, MPP, MHA

Medical Director, Emergency Department, Beverly Hospital




“Heathstream was time consuming, frustrating, and I ended up clicking through it, without really learning or retaining much information. I like the ImplementHIT approach to action-oriented, bite size learning. It opens the door to on-demand, just in time training, which is ultimately more valuable.”


Dan Gebremedhim MD MBA

Faculty Physician in Internal Medicine

Massachusetts General Hospital

Instructor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School




“There is NO other clinician training solution out there that comes remotely near IHIT.  IHIT saves time and money…neither one of these can be wasted in healthcare.  Focusing specific training to the exact people who need THAT training is revolutionary.  Addressing these gaps by role, specialty, and an individual’s own performance is what cuts to the matter.”


Eric Quinones, M.D.

National Director, Healthcare

Slalom Consulting



“ImplementHIT has fundamentally changed the way we prepare providers for EMR implementation. We now have a track record of training over 1300 providers online noting that no provider had to miss a day of work (or day off) to prepare for CPOE.”

Joseph Colorafi MD

CMIO, Dignity Health



Partner Testimonials


“The training is timely and relevant based on areas of ICD-10-CM specific provider specialty.  The training is designed to optimize the information in a short period of time.  The mobile app enables quick, hands-on access to both training and review of materials”


Kathryn DeVault, MSL, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, FAHIMA

USAI Solutions




“Approach is the true differentiator, and most unique element (crystallized, targeted content). This has been the wow factor, which is needed among the many players out there. It would be cool to give the clinicians who use it a voice in your materials through additional testimonials to emphasize this point.


Having a dynamic physician on board to represent the product with passion and industry expertise is also a great differentiator, especially because so much online learning out there is not well thought out. That Andres bridges the gap is a real strength – knowledge plus teaching expertise is rare.


Content management of IHIT owned content (like ICD-10) is a newer model, and continues to evolve and grow. There are remnants of the older client owned content model that simply do not fit this new model, but the organization is nimble and continues to evolve and strengthen. While we have had to play catch up at times, IHIT is a willing and cooperative partner which makes a huge difference.”


Laura Chmielewski, MBA

Senior Product Manager  |  Business Innovation





Manager Testimonials



"Experiencing the Optimize HIT learning platform is a refreshing new process (way) for receiving clinical and practice management education.  The information is packaged in short sound bites which garner a busy clinician's attention, fulfill my (their) learning needs which make the experience value-added to my (their) day."


Jill Olmstead, MSN, NP-C

Provider Liaison Revenue Cycle, Coding Services

Gastroenterology Department

St. Joseph Heritage




“The ImplementHIT team worked diligently to get our organization prepared for ICD10 Training.  Their learning platform allowed us to deliver education to our physicians in an efficient and timely manner.”


Jody Senalik

Project Manager

Springfield Clinic, LLP




“The ImplementHIT team has done an excellent job of supporting IOD on ALL implementations requiring support from Implement HIT.


They made themselves available to answer questions and address issues whenever I have needed assistance with implementations. In fact, we have had a standing weekly meeting on the calendar for many months to address questions and issues as they arise. In addition, if I needed support from another area of the organization, our project manager has helped me to identify the correct person to assist. They have always made my project implementations and customers a priority and has been a pleasure to work with.”


Cherie Little, MBA, PMP

Senior Project Manager

IOD Incorporated




“It became apparent to me from the first presentation of this program that we found the tool we were needing to train and educate our clinical staff on ICD10 and its impact on relevant data points in their documentation.  Our project manager, was with us every step of the way.  She explained best practices, gave constructive inputs in establishing our process but also allowed us the flexibility in managing certain aspects ourselves; she was the quarterback and the cheerleader rolled into one!”


Ruth Dennis, CPC, CEMC

Covenant Medical Group




“The IHIT Product was the best possible solution to educate our physicians for ICD-10 Go-live.  The overall experience and technology of this team is one that I would highly recommend to physician groups both large and small. 

Our successful roll out has contributed greatly to the flawless go-live experience.  The ImplementHIT team members were excellent.”


Deanna Moran

Director of Central Business Office

Covenant Medical Group




“The OptimizeHIT Mobile App has proven to be a great communication vehicle for our organization.  It has allowed another avenue for real time updates via its “push” notification technology.  We leveraged this functionality to support our ICD-10 go live and plan to use it for future provider messaging about system updates, coding education, EHR tips and tricks, etc.  We also promoted use of the “Find-A-Code” feature as a crosswalk tool that providers can easily reference.  We’ve probably seen the biggest provider interest in the mobile app’s generous CME offering tied to structured online searches (via OptiQuery).”


Alexandra Celano, MPH

Senior IT Project Manager

St. Joseph Heritage




“I want to provide my positive feedback for the ImplementHIT implementation team which provided excellent support during the implementation of the ICD-10 training product.  They responded at all hours, and on the weekends to provide support, and I couldn't have asked for anything more.  Their responses were quick and concise, and they answered all my questions with in-depth answers very professionally.”


Joseph Janchar, MS

Education Services Specialist

The Center for Healthcare Innovation at the College of St. Scholastica




“We are using the ICD-10 training platform from ImplementHIT. We had a great experience with the set up and implementation. Our project manager, walked us through every step and was diligent in getting the implementation team to escalate our project so we would be ready to go before October 1st. Our overall experience so far has been a successful implementation and we expect the utilization to be just as positive.”


Kate Penrod

Office Manager

Tucson Orthopaedic Institute 




“The implementation support I received from the Implementation Team was second to none.  They were available for all my questions and eager to assist me in any way.  This by far was the best implementation I have had when working with a new program.  Overall, ImplementHIT has been an easy company to work with.  The program was simple for our users but offered an easy way to understand the changes that ICD-10 was going to bring.  Our podiatrist, Dr. Tanya Johnson stated, “I really learned a lot with the ImplementHIT training”.  Dr. Landry wrote, “The app is very helpful”.   Way to Go ImplementHIT.  We could not have made the transition without you.  Thanks to all that assisted Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, Inc.”


Lynn Johnson

Revenue Cycle Director

Northeast Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, Inc.

Partner Testimonials
Manager Testimonials
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