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Discover how Zivmed seamlessly integrates into your hospital's revenue cycle operations through a collaborative 6-step implementation process that ensures a smooth transition and optimal outcomes.



Step 1

Strategy Expert Consultation

Our friendly team of experts will engage in collaborative sessions, providing comprehensive resources to help identify your hospital's unique needs and business requirements for successful Zivmed implementation.

Business Meeting


Step 2

Symbiotic Collaboration

Working in synergy, we'll integrate your hospital's data with Zivmed's AI learning model, customizing services to maximize the potential of our platform and ensure a tailored approach that aligns with your objectives.

Business Meeting


Step 3

EHR Integration and Workflow

Together with your team leads, we'll streamline the integration of Zivmed with your existing EHR system, simplifying end-user interactions and promoting stress-free systematics for a seamless workflow experience.

A business meeting


Step 4

End-User Training and Implementation

Through learning modules and step-by-step walkthrough sessions, we'll empower your revenue cycle staff to become Zivmed experts, ensuring they are comfortable with navigating the platform and optimizing its capabilities. Additional training sessions are provided at no extra cost for one year.

Financial Graphs


Step 5

AI-Adaptive Learning Model

Zivmed's AI technology undergoes a 90-day optimization period, continuously learning and adapting to your hospital's unique requirements. Our team will collaborate with you to emphasize target readjustments, ensuring ongoing improvement and proactive evolution.

A presentation at the office


Step 6

Provisional Services

Once you witness the potential of Zivmed, explore our provisional services, including tailored education for clinicians to achieve the highest degree of documentation integrity. We offer additional service options to further enhance your revenue cycle operations and meet your specific needs.

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