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Healthcare Solutions

Fractional Chief Digital Officer

Led by our founder, successful entrepreneur and physician innovator, Dr. Jimenez; revolutionize healthcare with our fractional Chief Digital Officer services, converting institutional intellectual property into impactful digital solutions and market-ready innovations, optimizing technology use for patient care.

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Optimize Digital Strategy

Our service combines technical understanding, leadership abilities, and business acumen to align digital initiatives with your healthcare organization's goals. We offer strategic planning, execution, and management of intellectual property conversion, facilitating its transition from institutional resources to local deployment and market commercialization.

Optiize Digital Stategy
Enhance Technology Innovation

Enhance Technology Innovation

With our experience in healthcare software development, AI integration, and data analysis, we manage technological innovation to enhance patient care, boost revenue cycles, and mitigate digital disruption risks. Harness the power of digital disruption to improve patient outcomes and streamline hospital operations.

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Drive Digital Transformation
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Drive Digital Transformation

As your fractional Chief Digital Officer, we will spearhead a data-driven approach to foster enterprise-wide digital transformation. Utilizing robust data interpretation, we'll help identify and prioritize monetization opportunities, while improving customer experience at all touch points.

Guiding Secure Digital Innovation

Guiding Secure Digital Innovation

Leverage our extensive experience in secure healthcare software development. We collaborate with your cybersecurity team, assuring alignment with local and industry standards. As your fractional Chief Digital Officer, we guide the strategic planning and management of your institutional intellectual property conversion, ensuring its secure transition into digital deployments and market commercialization. This approach places security at the forefront, fostering a safe digital innovation journey.

Doctor and Patient

Let us show you how we can help!

Over the last decade, we developed behavior change solutions impacting hundreds of thousands of physicians and patients, and the software used in over 2,000 hospitals and clinics throughout North America.  Get up and running in approximately 90 days…less time, less costs, more secure!

Andres Jimenez MD MSED MBA MS

Founder and Board Chair

Dr. Jimenez is board certified in Public Health and Prevention, and Clinical Informatics, and has an extensive background in technology-driven behavior change, focusing on physician performance, improving patient care and preventing chronic diseases. His experience includes leading behavior change initiatives impacting a third of US physicians, co-founding an AI-based revenue cycle company that was acquired, and authoring a book on disease prevention. Dr. Jimenez has worked on a NIOSH-funded lifestyle medicine program for 9/11 responders, co-founded a Free-Clinic and CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention program, and served as a strategic advisor for a digital health company based on IP from a leading academic medical center, through the company's launch, commercialization and IPO on the London Stock Exchange. His expertise lies in leveraging technology to promote behavioral change in healthcare professionals and patients, fostering improved health outcomes, and commercialization. Dr. Jimenez is an alumnus of Dartmouth, Brown, and Cornell.

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