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Custom, secure healthcare software, in half the usual time and costs!
Our Process is designed to streamline software development, leveraging a rapid prototyping model on top of our platform as a service, and unmatched expertise in healthcare software development. 



Step 1

Our senior team will work closely with you to fully understand the problem by defining and connecting with stakeholders, including clinical, technical, patients, and leadership.

Business Meeting


Step 2

Both teams will synchronize on the understanding of the problem, the proposed direction for a technology-enabled solution, costs, timeline, implementation, and support models.

Business Meeting


Step 3

Develop the software using a rapid prototyping model, with a usable, secure MVP in 90 days. Our senior team will support yours as we jointly socialize the solution with stake holders.

A business meeting


Step 4

Our senior team will support your initial implementations, connecting data, onboarding users, and transitioning the project from development to optimization.

Financial Graphs


Step 5

Our senior team will work with your team to appropriately transition any and all aspects of the software platform management.

A presentation at the office


Step 6

We leverage our platform as a service to allow customers to enter and fit the market faster, and get to revenue faster. We also provide an option to purchase the underlying platform code so you can own your entire solution.

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