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Mobile App Engagement

When designing your Healthcare Mobile App strategy, it's critically important to keep engagement in mind right from the start. Although engagement comes after enrollment, engagement is the biggest obstacle, and without it, behavior won’t change! Take a look at these benchmarks:

Engagement, and specifically the challenge of retaining users long-term is the single most important metric when developing behavior change platforms. Very often, too much emphasis is placed on the development of the intervention, without enough attention towards immediately initiating engagement post-enrollment, and keeping that user engaged long term. By keeping this focus from the start, you will increase your likelihood of success!

Three Recommendations to drive engagement:


Users are more likely to engage with an app that is tailored to their specific needs and goals. Provide personalized content such as customized workout plans or diet suggestions, and features such as reminders or progress tracking.

Push notifications

Use push notifications to remind users to engage with the app and provide updates on their progress. Be sure to balance the frequency of notifications with user preferences to avoid overwhelming or annoying users.


Connect the app to wearable fitness trackers or other devices to provide more data and insights for users, as well as a seamless user experience.


Over the last decade, ImplementHIT has developed behavior change solutions impacting hundreds of thousands of physicians and patients, and the software used in over 2,000 hospitals and clinics throughout North America. Let's work together!

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